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Icons - Margaret Stohl I didn't mind the book.It was confusing though. I wasn't sure what was going on through a chunk of the book. At the end it was sorta cleared up. It was one of those books were you like it and don't regret reading it. But If I never finish the series it won't bug me. I have books that I am so excited for them to come out. This is not one of them. Probably will read the next one.

Don't Look Back

Don't Look Back - Jennifer L. Armentrout I liked it a lot. It was different than most of the books I have read. I liked that It was from a girl who could not remember anything. Some of the stuff was predictable. For the most part though it was very fun to read. I felt bad for Sam throughout the book. But at the same time, you could not really feel that bad for her. She did treat people awful before she lost her memory. I liked her brother a lot. I wish he was in it more, especially with the Del and Carson. I liked her brother's girlfriend. She was really nice to Sam, even after everything that happened.Worth reading.

Sisters Red

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce I really wanted to like this book. I love fairy tales. And the modern takes on them can be amazing, if done right. I thought the idea of turning little red riding hood into modern tale about hunting them was so cool. Unfortunately, the characters just did not do anything for me. I can almost always get through an awful book, as long as I like the characters. In Sisters Red, I felt the characters were kinda irritating and empty other than that. Scarlett was completely obsessed with hunting Fenris (wolves). That is fine. After what happened, it would be understandable she would be obsessed. Not okay, but understandable. My problem was, when it was her point of view she was either thinking about killing fenris or thinking about how deformed and ugly she was. It was just annoying after a little bit. Rosie was just as bad except she had three things to whine over.
A. She didn't want to hunt the wolves. She wanted to be a completely normal person without any extraordinary worries. Understandable but she kept complaing about it in her head. Did not say anything to her sister though.
B. Complaining about how much she wanted to finally go out and do a solo hunt on her own...... even though she was just telling us how much she hated hunting.....anyone else confused???
C. and the last reason. The love interest. Usually I don't mind the whole pining over the guy, but for some reason it just irritated me. She was always starring at this guy. And he was always starring back. That is it. They would make awkward comments that anyone with a brain would understand that they like you. But neither can figure this out.

The love interest was okay. There just did not seem to be anything there. I could tell immediately what they end was going to be in the first 20 minutes of reading. Plot and all. And I don't sit and guess. I try not to think ahead of my reading. But as soon as they stated the plot I knew automatically.

My impressions was the book was kind of like society now. That most people are just oblivious to the wolves. But in today's society, it is extremely unlikely that two girls would be able to drop out of school, live in the woods, with no one taking care of them. Someone would have called child services.
Wish I could have finished the book, but I had to force myself to read as much as I did and just could not do it anymore.

Dance of the Red Death

Dance of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin I liked the first book better, but it was not bad. I felt bad for both Elliot and Will in the book.You could tell that Will felt awful about selling Araby out. She understood why and I felt like he was angrier with himself than she was with him, even though she kept saying that she was angry at him. Elliot was in the book more than Will was and I could not really figure him out. He said that he loved Araby. They were together for a good chunk of the book. He sorta proposed to her and yet at the same time, he would have killed her without a second thought. In the first book, he was conflicted. He wanted to help save the people and would do anything to achieve it. But in this, he is pictured more as a tyrant than someone that only wants power, regardless of who it hurts. He was not as likable in this book than the other. He was a bit of a psycho in this. I was upset about what they did to April. I get the authors feel the need to kill some characters off. But sometimes, they kill off to many good characters. April was one of those. She humanized her brother in a way and she was able to keep Araby from being so serious. I felt that both Araby and Elliot had already lost so much. Another problem I had was Araby ended up killing a few people. It didn't bug her in any way. She was originally worried if she would be able to do it. When she does, she doesn't think twice about killing him and she barely thinks about it afterword. Elliot, April, and Will were different in this book than the other. If you have read the story was in this one, she incorporated the story by Edgar Allen Poe. If you haven't read the story before, you should. It is brought up during the story, but it would not be obvious unless you read Edgar Allen Poe's story.

The Pledge

The Pledge - Kimberly Derting I loved the beginning of the book. I thought the concept of that it goes back to a class system and the the different languages between classes was really interesting. It reminded me of a feudal society. My problem was with her world-building. I liked the world, but a lot about it didn't make sense to me at all. This is supposed to be a dystopian book. A dystopian book is basically "what if this happened" and how the society changed. But they didn't explain in a way that I really got how we went form having a president to having an absolute monarchy, that has to be a queen. This was really where I had my problems. How did society evolve that the royals had special, unique powers, that are only passed down through only the female line. Also, how is it that society all around the world was just completely destroyed if they did not have a queen with super special powers on the throne. It just did not make sense to me.
The Love interest was okay. I liked him and her together, but they did not really know anything about each other and that never really changed. They barely knew anything about the other, besides what class they were born into. Her one friend Brooklyn I liked originally, but she changed halfway through the story and you find out that girl that was Charlie's best friend was a complete lie. Charlie's family practically took her in but guess what? Almost everything that came out of her mouth was a lie. If I was Charlie, I would have been so angry. She was basically family and she lied to her about everything including her personality.
The book was not awful. I might read the next one if I'm bored. But I won't be holding my breath. Her other series was way better than this.

The Name of the Star (The Shades of London)

The Name of the Star (The Shades of London) - Maureen Johnson I love it when an author takes a well-known story and makes it their own. I think it is so cool. But this one just could not keep me interested. When I read, I love to have a book that it practically kills me to put it down. I will sit there and keep waiting for a chance to pick it up again. I have spent entire nights reading, even knowing that I will have to get up at 6:20 the next day. This was not one of them. The main character, Rory, was okay. There wasn't anything extremely wrong or annoying about her, but there was not anything that I loved about her either. To me, she was just flat, no real personality or backbone. That was the thing that irritated me the most. She didn't stand up for herself or respect the decisions of others. She manipulated her friend into doing something she was not comfortable with and it didn't bug her at all. Other than that she was another Mary Sue. And the supporting characters weren't that interesting either. Usually I will try to find something I like about a book, just to force myself to finish it. I only got half way through so maybe it got better, but I couldn't force myself to finish it.

Never Fade

Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken I loved this book. It was as good as the first book. I loved the characters all over again and the additions were perfect. If you liked the first one you should definitely read this one. All of the characters have changed but it is not a huge change that makes you want to cringe. Can't wait for the next book in the series. The cliffhangers are killing me.

Dark Companion

Dark Companion - Marta Acosta I wanted to like this book a lot. I was so excited when I first read the summary and when I finally got it, I started reading right away. It started out good. I started tonget bored after 100 pages. I kept reading it though. I don't like dnf a book. I feel like I should finish it. This was one of those special exceptions. The "sweet"guy was okay originally. There was something about him though tht I did not like as soon as I met him, but I think that was intentional on the author's part. The "mean" guy I liked right away, but again I am sure that was intentional. (The love interests are brothers... I know... an idea that has not toally been used in almost every book with a love triangle.) I kept reading even though I was kind of bored. The one guy was interesting. And then she made the other guy, the "nice" guy drink blood. He was not a vampire. It is a disease. That is a bad plot but I could have finished the book still..... if the main character did not react the way she did. Instead of telling the guy he needs help or being freaked out...SHE IS OKAY WITH IT!!!! She continues to let him drink her blood. WTF!!!! If some guy tried to tap a vein, I would be freakin out and calling the cops... but not her. She is very (stupid) accepting apparently. I gave up after that. I could not even think about finishing it. Wish I could have finished it.

The Darkest Minds

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken Loved the characters in the book. Ruby, Chubs, Liam, and Zu were the characters for most of the book. They were different from each other, but they weren't complete opposites with nothing in common. My favorite part was probably the relationship the four had with each other. The book did not solely focus on the couple getting together. A lot of it was about the dynamic of the four and the way the world has been reduced to. definitely worth reading

The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I

The Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I - L.J. Smith This about the entire series. I absolutely love LJ Smith. She is my favorite author, no competition. This was my favorite series of hers. The main character was irritating from time to time, but the other 11 circle members made up for it. My favorite characters were a couple of the coven members. The only thing I wished differently was that they had some of the coven members in every other page and others were not in it as much. All of the characters were different in there own way and neither detracted form the other. When you read the books though, you should have both books with you. I didn't originally and it was all I could think about for the few days I had to wait for the second book. It is completely different than any other book about witches that I have read.


Allegiant  - Veronica Roth I did not like this book at all. It drives me crazy when authors kill of a bunch of characters in a series. I get killing off some of them. But out of all the kids Tris was friends with during the first book, only Christina survives. Will and Al die in the first book. Marlene and Lynn die in the second. Uriah dies in this. And what was the point of killing Tris? Caleb was a character that was perfect to take the risk. He screwed up and this was a way to make it up to his sister after everything he did. Why did she take it from him? It was pointless and ridiculous to end the series like that.
My main problem with the book though was not the all the character deaths. My main problem was most of the book seemed a lot like[b:The Death Cure|7864437|The Death Cure (Maze Runner, #3)|James Dashner||11022464]. A good chunk of the book was too similar for me.
The parts of the story that were different were kinda ridiculous also. Four's mother abandoned him when he was a kid, with an abusive father. I have a hard time believing that all of a sudden, Four is her first priority. She already proved that she took care of her self above anyone else, it seemed contradictory to have her put him first now. Even in the second book, his mom was using him to reach her goals.
I really like the first two books and hate that it ended this way.

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