Dark Companion

Dark Companion - Marta Acosta I wanted to like this book a lot. I was so excited when I first read the summary and when I finally got it, I started reading right away. It started out good. I started tonget bored after 100 pages. I kept reading it though. I don't like dnf a book. I feel like I should finish it. This was one of those special exceptions. The "sweet"guy was okay originally. There was something about him though tht I did not like as soon as I met him, but I think that was intentional on the author's part. The "mean" guy I liked right away, but again I am sure that was intentional. (The love interests are brothers... I know... an idea that has not toally been used in almost every book with a love triangle.) I kept reading even though I was kind of bored. The one guy was interesting. And then she made the other guy, the "nice" guy drink blood. He was not a vampire. It is a disease. That is a bad plot but I could have finished the book still..... if the main character did not react the way she did. Instead of telling the guy he needs help or being freaked out...SHE IS OKAY WITH IT!!!! She continues to let him drink her blood. WTF!!!! If some guy tried to tap a vein, I would be freakin out and calling the cops... but not her. She is very (stupid) accepting apparently. I gave up after that. I could not even think about finishing it. Wish I could have finished it.