Sisters Red

Sisters Red - Jackson Pearce I really wanted to like this book. I love fairy tales. And the modern takes on them can be amazing, if done right. I thought the idea of turning little red riding hood into modern tale about hunting them was so cool. Unfortunately, the characters just did not do anything for me. I can almost always get through an awful book, as long as I like the characters. In Sisters Red, I felt the characters were kinda irritating and empty other than that. Scarlett was completely obsessed with hunting Fenris (wolves). That is fine. After what happened, it would be understandable she would be obsessed. Not okay, but understandable. My problem was, when it was her point of view she was either thinking about killing fenris or thinking about how deformed and ugly she was. It was just annoying after a little bit. Rosie was just as bad except she had three things to whine over.
A. She didn't want to hunt the wolves. She wanted to be a completely normal person without any extraordinary worries. Understandable but she kept complaing about it in her head. Did not say anything to her sister though.
B. Complaining about how much she wanted to finally go out and do a solo hunt on her own...... even though she was just telling us how much she hated hunting.....anyone else confused???
C. and the last reason. The love interest. Usually I don't mind the whole pining over the guy, but for some reason it just irritated me. She was always starring at this guy. And he was always starring back. That is it. They would make awkward comments that anyone with a brain would understand that they like you. But neither can figure this out.

The love interest was okay. There just did not seem to be anything there. I could tell immediately what they end was going to be in the first 20 minutes of reading. Plot and all. And I don't sit and guess. I try not to think ahead of my reading. But as soon as they stated the plot I knew automatically.

My impressions was the book was kind of like society now. That most people are just oblivious to the wolves. But in today's society, it is extremely unlikely that two girls would be able to drop out of school, live in the woods, with no one taking care of them. Someone would have called child services.
Wish I could have finished the book, but I had to force myself to read as much as I did and just could not do it anymore.