Dance of the Red Death

Dance of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin I liked the first book better, but it was not bad. I felt bad for both Elliot and Will in the book.You could tell that Will felt awful about selling Araby out. She understood why and I felt like he was angrier with himself than she was with him, even though she kept saying that she was angry at him. Elliot was in the book more than Will was and I could not really figure him out. He said that he loved Araby. They were together for a good chunk of the book. He sorta proposed to her and yet at the same time, he would have killed her without a second thought. In the first book, he was conflicted. He wanted to help save the people and would do anything to achieve it. But in this, he is pictured more as a tyrant than someone that only wants power, regardless of who it hurts. He was not as likable in this book than the other. He was a bit of a psycho in this. I was upset about what they did to April. I get the authors feel the need to kill some characters off. But sometimes, they kill off to many good characters. April was one of those. She humanized her brother in a way and she was able to keep Araby from being so serious. I felt that both Araby and Elliot had already lost so much. Another problem I had was Araby ended up killing a few people. It didn't bug her in any way. She was originally worried if she would be able to do it. When she does, she doesn't think twice about killing him and she barely thinks about it afterword. Elliot, April, and Will were different in this book than the other. If you have read the story was in this one, she incorporated the story by Edgar Allen Poe. If you haven't read the story before, you should. It is brought up during the story, but it would not be obvious unless you read Edgar Allen Poe's story.