If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman If you read, then you know the feeling I am talking about. The one that you put down a book and you just want to jump up and down screaming. This was one of those books for me. I am not extremely picky on the books I read. A lot of the books I read depend on my mood. So when I first saw this book and read the description, it did not really stick out for me. It seemed sad to me and I only like reading sad books at certain times. I went to the library today and was looking for something and saw the book. I decided to try it. It is not that long and I can get through books really fast. IT WAS AWESOME!!! OMG!!!
It was amazing. I loved it. Did not put it down at all. I sat down to read it and an hour and a half later finished it. Did not realize I was sitting more than fifteen minutes. The story is about a girl named Mia who survived a car crash that killed both of her parents. Both her and her brother are rushed of to the hospitals. She gets moved to another one because her injuries are so extensive. But she is there watching all this go on. She is not a ghost. She is basically the same as she is when she is alive except that nobody can see her. The story takes place in both the present and the past. She is thinking about different memories about her family, her best friend, and her boyfriend. She has to decide to stay or go. Later on in the book, she finds out her brother died, and decides she is going to go. Her boyfriend Adam, convinces her to stay. Adam was so cute. I loved him. He was so sweet and the part at the end, when he convinces her to stay was so sweet. It was a different book. I haven't come across anything like it. 100% worth reading.
PS started screaming ehrn I found out there was a sequel...