Alienated - Melissa Landers I am not sure what I really expected out of this book. I only read it because I was bored. And I got what I should have expected. My main complaint.... I read the entire book and can't tell you what the plot was. I think it was supposed to be all about them falling in love, which did not take that long. What did take long was for them to stop thinking about the other and actually act on it. Another problem is the girl Cara, all of her friends are assholes. Her boyfriend and her breakup over Aelyx(The alien/ love interest) five minutes after the boyfriend meets him. Boyfriend says 5 words to Aelyx and turns to his girlfriend and says send him back. She is getting a full ride to whatever school she wants for hosting Aelyx...... ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? SEND HIM BACK??? She plans to go to Dartmouth. Why would she send him back because you do not like him? Her best friend Tori does not like him right away, but she tells her that she will stick by her. That lasts about a 15 pages and then she turns her back on her too. Then Tori and Cara's ex got together. They shun her in public and then in the end they are friends but in secret. Nobody can know because of what that would do to their reputations. The kids in this book are ridiculously violent. A teenage girl pulls a shotgun on people that used to be her friend and ends up shooting one of her current friends. She is not even slightly disturbed by this too. Okay. Enough on the stupidities of the characters.
The love interest Aelyx was not stupid at all. In fact he was basically a genius. What he is though is a condescending a**hole. He is basically telling all these kids how stupid they are and then thinks "They are all so violent and mean" Of course they are. I cannot stand you either. I was confused why the aliens needed humans. They needed them for emotions but if they did not train everyone to be an emotionless, condescending a**hole, they could fix that themselves.
Both main characters were irritating and the side characters were awful. Plus no plot and I can not even think of a single reason to read this book.