Cursed - Jennifer L. Armentrout I usually like Jennifer Armentrout's work but this book irritated me. The premise was good and I liked the beginning but once the MC guy was introduced I started to dislike the book. Ember, her mother, and her sister are basically kidnapped and forced them to move into a new town and live there. Ember was the only person that seemed to realize that kidnapping is illegal. Her sister was a little brat. Ember took care of her since her mother died and her younger sister was a little brat before they were kidnapped and after. Hayden was the love interest and he was raised by the guy that kidnapped Ember. A bunch of kids lived with this guy to help learn their powers. None of them seemed to care that they helped in a kidnapping. Hayden is treating her like she is a house guest and cannot seem to understand why she is not being sweet and pleasant and thankful for getting her out of the bad situation she was in before. Was her life great? no but kidnapping her to make it better is not ok. You find out further in the book that Hayden has been stalking her for the past two years. I was really disappointed in this book.